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    Victoria - DỊCH VỤ} - 22/06/17

    TAAS Auto Indust

    Hi all, myself and other 2 mechanics together we are doing mobile car mechanic to offer you a safe and reliable services for your cars and motorcycles. We believe working in group bring a better result for our business as customers are taken care of by details
    We offer a quality car service at your place with reasonable price. Our services include:
    _Basic service: $80
    _P1 package: oil+filter change, vacuum cleaning interior, inspection of all components, diagnose electrical problems, reading codes. $150 including parts
    _P2 package: including P1 package + engine flush + injectors cleaning + inspect transmission $190 including parts
    _Wheel alignment (book in advance): $89
    _Timming belt/water pump replacement: 3hrs labour + parts
    _Inspection for RWC
    _Brake jobs
    _Diagnose No starts condition
    And more automotive repairs
    We also provide motorcycle/scooter service and repairs carried by T.
    To make a booking, please send us an email or SMS to one of our mechanics
    Contact details:
    T (Andy): 0415413899 (Vietnamese)
    Ady: 0410 989 899 (Indonesia)
    Steven (Steven Chow): 0481 950 150 (Cantonese, Mandarin)
    Thomas (sale manager): 0428 848 240 (Cantonese, Mandarin)

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